Woodbrook College

          An Edmund Rice School

Student Leadership
in Woodbrook College
Student Leadership
At Woodbrook College, student participation is at the core of our student leadership programme. Student voice and activism is encouraged through the ample student leadership opportunities we offer. Students are encouraged to practice a range of leadership skills in a supportive, learning and social environment.
Extracurricular Activities
A selection of the numerous sports, clubs and other activities on offer to students in Woodbrook College
'The Woodbrook Word'
School Magazine
'The Woodbrook Word'
Introducing the first ever publication of 'The Woodbrook Word'. Written by the students, 'The Woodbrook Word' is the new school magazine for the school and wider community. From feature articles to fun activities, we really hope you enjoy it!

2nd Year

MathsMr Cullen (Hackett)rnsenme
Ms Connors (Markievicz)ffuxriz
Ms Connors (McAleese)saoxro7
EnglishMs Shiely (McAleese)wcm5qnl
Mr Johnston (Hackett)vtvsgin
Ms Troy (Markievicz)zyl6ras
IrishMs Costellosxxftxu
Mr OhAnnaidh652nutm
Mr Messitt (Higher)v2upmoh
ScienceMs M Hand (3 Classes)gqfgkmo
Ms M Hand (4 Classes)ujzcbb3
Mr O'Reilly52mbwqy
Mr Blacki36yzj5
HistoryMr Murphylu323b4
Ms Duffinr5bflx4
GeographyMs Handlqq2xra
Mr Messitt (McAleese)onqgfsr
Mr Messitt (Hackett)em5rvly
Visual ArtMr Horgan \ Ms McCannn4l5uyl
Business StudiesMr Coadyxdibrij
FrenchMs Murphyinfhg62
GermanMs Marschnerngawkwl
Home EconomicsMs Cluskeyfzx35jg
SpanishMs Kilfeathergp4su72
Tech GraphicsMr Bergingaakwnx
Mat Tech WoodMr Greeneuur7tts
Mr Berginmns2rhy
ReligionMs Cluskeyxm3k2bi
Mr McDonaldtwsthkj
CSPEMs Troy (Hackett)22zfq37
PDVMs Troy (McAleese)mjcannh