Green Schools

Green School Update
What have the Green School Committee done so far this year?
The Travel Flag!

The aim of the Travel theme is to encourage schools to promote sustainable modes of transport to and from school. Green-Schools Travel encourages pupils and parents to walk, cycle, Park n Stride, use public transport or car pool instead of using the private car on the school run.

• The Walk on Wednesday initiative has been set up for all students. First year students who participated were entered into a raffle to win a JD sports gift voucher

• PedalCents ran a Travel Sustainably Day in Woodbrook College in December 2018. All first year students participated in this interactive, energy creating event

• Walkability/infrastructure audit is now complete

• A Green School notice board is on display outside room 8

• Students attended the DLR Eco Conference

• School Surveys on sustainable travel methods is now complete