Hatchet – A TY Production

This years TY Drama Production was the play Hatchet by Heno Magee.
Auditions took place before Christmas and a total cast of 16 students took part in the play with another 13 students involved in set design and backstage.
Students performed a thrilling matinee which was enjoyed by all the student body and also one nightime performance enjoyed by parents and family members. The production was directed by Ms Syron and Mr O'Brien.
About the Play
This stark but realistic play  was set in inner city Dublin in the early 1970's. Its central character was Hatchet Bailey (Played by Jamie Byrne) a tough, violent creature  whose life strives to escape the poverty of his environment. It offered us a frightening picture of violence   but in the midst of this teaches students and audiences alike  powerful lessons about cultural pressures, and expectation.
Students involved in the production will not forget Hatchets insightful advice given in Act 3  "A man goes out to find his enemies he finds no friends.... now a man goes out to find his friends and he finds no enemies"