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Our 3rd Green Flag
- Green Schools
Our 3rd Green Flag
WATER WATER EVERYWHERE….. This year the Green Committee were focused on the theme of Water again in the hope of securing the third Green Flag for Woodbrook College. The year got off to a great start with three of our Third Year students being appointed Water Ambassadors by An Taisce. Eduard, Adam and Daniel attended a national training day in Dublin where they met other ambassadors and shared ideas on how they could raise awareness around Water Conservation and Sustainable use.
Junior Winners
PE Xpo 2018
Junior Winners
PE Xpo 2018
Congratulations to Toni-Marie Ceno, Sophie Kennedy, Fiona Nervez, Dylan Kavanagh and Niamh Carry McLeavey on winning the Components of Fitness Junior category at the this year’s PE Xpo. It was a milestone for the school as it is the first time the school have won a prize at the competition and excellent reward for the hard work the five 2nd year students put into their project. The PE Xpo event is in its fourth year, had nearly 200 projects entered and took place in Dublin City University (DCU). The project the students presented on was a Personal Exercise Plan to improve their Performance in Football. Each student specifically worked on speed, agility and power through a variety of training methods on a six week period so they could improve their football performance. The project showed that each student had dedication and resilience to stick with their training programme and collaboration to work as a group to create and present their findings to the judges at the PE Xpo. The skills that the students are developing will be invaluable as they go through school but also when they begin working. Special mention to Konrad Bzdrya, Eduard Grefaldeo, Joey Yu and Éibhín Flanagan in TY for putting in the hard work to present projects, unfortunately they didn’t win the categories in which they were competing but did themselves proud. Well done to all students and to Ms. Dwane for helping them with the statistical analysis aspect of their project.
Barcelona Tour
Barcelona Tour
A huge thank you to all the parents who made this year's trip possible for the boys. They were a joy to have along and really did themselves and you proud. They hiked the ancient Roman pathways from Tarragona to the Medieval corridors of Las Ramblas and beyond to gain an insight into Catalonian culture and development whilst having the best of fun bonding with their year group. An excellent trip for all involved.

New Junior Cycle

Short Introduction to the New Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement:

Our students have begun a new learning journey that will change the way they learn at the junior cycle stage of their schooling and into the future.

For the junior cycle student, the New Junior Cycle (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) will mean that the curriculum available in their schools can or will be a mix of subjects and short courses and other learning experiences.

For a small group of students with special educational needs, priority learning units (PLUs) will be provided.

If you would like the school to put on an information evening then please request through


JCPA – Key Skills:

Key skills help learners develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to face the many challenges in today’s world. They also support students in learning how to learn and to take responsibility for their own learning.

JCPA – Key Skills Teaching Toolkits:

• Managing Information and Thinking
• Managing Myself
• Working with others
• Communicating
• Being creative
• Staying safe

JCPA - Assessment

The new framework will see your children be assessed in a much wider variety of ways and not just with a major exam at the end of three years. This is an exciting opportunity for them to showcase all their learning and be shown how to improve on their learning at regular intervals.

Assessment in education is about gathering, interpreting and using information about the processes and outcomes of learning. It takes different forms and can be used in a variety of ways, such as to test and certify achievement, to determine the appropriate route for students to take through a differentiated curriculum or to identify specific areas of difficulty (or strength) for a given student. Assessment in the new junior cycle will be linked, on an everyday basis, into the learning taking place.

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