Woodbrook College

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PEXpo 2020
PEXpo 2020
Well done to all the students that submitted and presented projects at PE Xpo 2020 in Dublin City University on March 3rd. All students equipped themselves excellently when presenting to the judges that assessed their projects. In particular, congratulations to Abhirami Santhoshkumar, Ruby Roche and Michelle Dolores who won the overall junior section (1st – 3rd year) with their project titled; ‘Mixed v single sex PE lessons. Does participation change?’
Fun Run 2019
Fun Run 2019
In spite of the wet weather, the 2019 Fun Run took place on Friday October 25th. For the first time in its existence the venue was changed from Shanganagh Park to the school campus due to the poor wet weather. The students involved in the organisation were excellent when asked to adapt to the contingency of staging the run on the schools grounds at short notice. Well done to all involved on reacting so well to the change of venue. Even though the weather was poor, student enthusiasm and participation was high. This was reflected by the €1250 fundraised from the €5 entry fee to take part. The funds raised were donated to the four different charity partners; Irish Aid, Vision Sports Ireland, Irish Wheelchair Association and Christmas Hamper appeal. Well done to all those bravely participated in spite of the poor weather and their generous donations. For the students that were keen to compete, there three races within the Fun Run; senior boys’, girls’ and junior boys’. Congratulations to Conor Murphy on winning the senior boys’ race, Eve O’Brien on winning the girls’ race and Nathan O’Shea on winning the junior boys’ race. The whole school community look forward to the 2020 edition of the Fun Run and wish for improved weather conditions so it can return to the Shanganagh Park venue.
Woodbrook Wellfest
Woodbrook Wellfest
Since September a number of classes have been exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and Wellbeing. In their Global Citizenship Module TY came up with some action projects on areas of Wellbeing that interested them. In Geography 3 Carson explored the impact of Climate Justice on people’s wellbeing. In Personal Development 2 Hackett organised a whole week of activities to improve their mental health and 2 McAleese are currently working on a no homework week to see if there is a link between homework and sleep. The point of these activities is to encourage the students to be active citizens. To understand that their actions on global issues help by raising awareness and starting discussions on possible changes to their own behaviours.

The Big Interview

Transition Year students ( Anna Krupinska, Lidia Cojocaru and Aoife Mohan)  at Woodbrook College met with their new Principal, Mr. Henry Hurley to welcome him to the school and local community. As they welcomed him to the school, they discussed his vision for Woodbrook College, not forgetting the challenges he faces as he leads us through the ‘COVID 19’ pandemic.

Welcome to Woodbrook College, Mr. Hurley. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, My name is Henry Hurley, I am the new principal of Woodbrook College, Bray. I am from Avoca, Co.Wicklow. I am the father of 6 children and am a proud grandfather to 3 young boys. Before teaching my life was mostly spent in business and playing sports. The three sports I enjoy the most are; gaelic, hurley and rugby.

Why did you decide to become a Principal?

I decided to become a Principal because I felt that I could be a positive influence in   students' lives. I am passionate about education and the experience that students' have.  I love sport and believe it plays a big part in a schools’ life. I am so happy when students get involved in sports and extracurricular activities and I will attend as many events as I can because I know extracurricular activities are part of the school's culture.

It sounds like you are quite passionate about the job! What kind of changes have you made to Woodbrook College so far?

     I have made a few changes to the school such as introducing tutors to every class. The school also now operates on a computer system that allows staff to publish work to students online. We have also decided not to differentiate uniforms, allowing girls and boys to wear trousers and earrings.

Being a new principal throughout this ‘new normal’ must be very difficult. What was your initial reaction when lockdown was first announced?

To make it my priority to give every student as close to the same experience as possible in education and for our staff and student body to do the best they possibly could do.

Explain to us the difficulties being a principal at home during lockdown brought.

It was quite difficult, yes most definitely. I felt disconnected from our physical school . Even though the experience was hard for everyone I must congratulate the students and staff for being so cooperative and hard working.

Are you satisfied with how COVID 19 is being handled in the school?

Yes I am very happy with the efforts of the students and staff, such as making sure to wear a mask and sanitize hands where necessary.

Moving away from the COVID 19 situation and focusing on our great school. Can you tell us what your favourite things about Woodbrook College are?

I love the friendliness and banter and how the students always want to get involved in helping each other. I am very thankful for the teachers and staff in the school as they put so much effort in to what they do.

Do you believe Woodbrook College is cooperating well with the local community?

I think that Woodbrook does a very good job at helping and cooperating in the local community, but there is always room to improve. I believe that the little things make the biggest differences such as recycling and litter picking. Our green community has done an excellent job at thinking of new ideas to help our local area be more environmentally friendly.

I think we are all confident in saying that we have a great Principal at Woodbrook College. We know you have great things in mind for us, can you fill us in on any future plans for Woodbrook College?

Yes, I certainly do have future plans for Woodbrook. I want the students to be proud of attending this school and proud of always trying to be their best selves. We will be looking to grow the school both physically with better facilities and mentally through establishing a more “can do” attitude. Exciting times ahead.