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Transition Year
Colaiste Acla 2017
Tranisition Year
Coláiste Acla 2017
TY gives each of our students the opportunity to experience a huge range of learning activities from performing on the stage to learning self-defence or cutting-edge movie editing skills. However; the trips to some of Ireland's and Europe's cultural hotspots will stay with our students for years to come. Here is a selection of photos from this year's Achill adventure. Enjoy and/or revisit the fun and exciting highlights in our gallery. It gives a little glimpse into the TY programme offered by Woodbrook College.
London Tour
London Tour
TY have enjoyed a brilliant trip to London earlier this week and although there are a ton of photos we are limited in how many we can display online so any student who would like a full copy only needs to bring in a memory stick on Monday. I have included a photo of a true Irish footballing legend, Sean St. Ledger, who stopped by to say hello to our travelling brigade. The group got to train with Watford FC, were invited to a full Premier League game, saw the sights of London and experienced the thrills of Thorpe Park's roller-coasters. Hopefully many happy memories were created. Especially for Alex Griffen and Dean Kearney who had the pleasure of Swansea FC fans writing an entire chant with chorus in their honour
A TY Production
A TY Production
This years TY Drama Production was the play Hatchet by Heno Magee. Auditions took place before Christmas and a total cast of 16 students took part in the play with another 13 students involved in set design and backstage. Students performed a thrilling matinee which was enjoyed by all the students and also one nightime performance by parents and family members. The production was directed by Ms Syron and Mr O'Brien.

Environmental Awareness Week

  • Bin It 1r
  • Bin It 2r
  • Bin It 3r
  • Bin It 4r
  • bio 4r
  • bio 6r
  • bio 7r
  • bio 8r
  • bio 9r
  • bio 10r
  • bio 11r
  • bio2r
  • bio3r
  • bio5r
  • Biodiversityr
  • fun friday 1r
  • fun friday 3r

• On October 4th and 6th LCA students and the Green Committee members will be attending a Biodiversity Workshop on the school grounds. You can see the results of their hard work in the photo section.
• On October 6th Friday there will be Fun Friday Activities in the canteen with an Environmental Theme. Photos below
• On October 9th Monday in the afternoon all First Yr. students will attend a performance of the Bin It Roadshow. This road show aims to help students understand the impact litter has on our environment.
• On October 11th Wednesday 2 Hyde and 2 O’Kelly will be taking part in a Water Explorers Workshop in Room 7. 2 O’Kelly will begin the workshop at 9 and 2 Hyde at 11.05. The workshop lasts for approx. 1 hour and are designed to help students understand what a valuable resource Water is. It will be a great help in our efforts to secure Green Flag No 3 Water.

As part of our Green Flag efforts we are running an environmental awareness week from October 4th-11th and there will be a series of events during that week.

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