Woodbrook College

          An Edmund Rice School

PEXpo 2020
PEXpo 2020
Well done to all the students that submitted and presented projects at PE Xpo 2020 in Dublin City University on March 3rd. All students equipped themselves excellently when presenting to the judges that assessed their projects. In particular, congratulations to Abhirami Santhoshkumar, Ruby Roche and Michelle Dolores who won the overall junior section (1st – 3rd year) with their project titled; ‘Mixed v single sex PE lessons. Does participation change?’
Fun Run 2019
Fun Run 2019
In spite of the wet weather, the 2019 Fun Run took place on Friday October 25th. For the first time in its existence the venue was changed from Shanganagh Park to the school campus due to the poor wet weather. The students involved in the organisation were excellent when asked to adapt to the contingency of staging the run on the schools grounds at short notice. Well done to all involved on reacting so well to the change of venue. Even though the weather was poor, student enthusiasm and participation was high. This was reflected by the €1250 fundraised from the €5 entry fee to take part. The funds raised were donated to the four different charity partners; Irish Aid, Vision Sports Ireland, Irish Wheelchair Association and Christmas Hamper appeal. Well done to all those bravely participated in spite of the poor weather and their generous donations. For the students that were keen to compete, there three races within the Fun Run; senior boys’, girls’ and junior boys’. Congratulations to Conor Murphy on winning the senior boys’ race, Eve O’Brien on winning the girls’ race and Nathan O’Shea on winning the junior boys’ race. The whole school community look forward to the 2020 edition of the Fun Run and wish for improved weather conditions so it can return to the Shanganagh Park venue.
Woodbrook Wellfest
Woodbrook Wellfest
Since September a number of classes have been exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and Wellbeing. In their Global Citizenship Module TY came up with some action projects on areas of Wellbeing that interested them. In Geography 3 Carson explored the impact of Climate Justice on people’s wellbeing. In Personal Development 2 Hackett organised a whole week of activities to improve their mental health and 2 McAleese are currently working on a no homework week to see if there is a link between homework and sleep. The point of these activities is to encourage the students to be active citizens. To understand that their actions on global issues help by raising awareness and starting discussions on possible changes to their own behaviours.


Uniform Regulations

It is the policy of Woodbrook College that pupils must wear their uniform in school and at school functions.

Uniform for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Boys

  • White Shirt
  • Black Trousers
  • School Tie
  • V-Neck Grey Jumper with Crest
  • Black leather shoes (Not necessarily real leather)
  • Black Jacket

Uniform for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year Girls

  • White Revere Blouse
  • Black/Red/Grey Plaid Skirt
  • V-Neck Grey Jumper with Crest
  • Grey Knee Length Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes
  • Black Jacket

Uniform for 4th, 5th & 6th year Boys 

  • White Shirt
  • Black Trousers
  • School Tie
  • V-Neck Black Jumper with Crest
  • Black Leather Shoes
  • Black Jacket                                                        

Uniform for 4th, 5th & 6th year Girls   

  • White Revere Blouse
  • Black/Red/Grey Plaid Skirt
  • Neck Black Jumper with Crest
  • Black Knee Length Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes
  • Black Jacket

PE Kit

The College PE t-shirt is compulsory for all years and is available from the school uniform supplier.  In addition all students should have:

  • Plain black shorts or plain black leggings.
  • Runners
  • A pair of boots is required for some outdoor activities
  • A black tracksuit is advisable but not compulsory

NB:   When students are representing the school at matches, they must wear the official school gear

It is the policy of Woodbrook College that pupils must wear the official uniform while in school and at school functions. Variations in colour or style are not acceptable.

*Only all black leather (not necessarily real leather) shoes are allowed. Black runners/canvass shoes etc. are not permitted.


Our official uniform suppliers are:


The Schoolwear House,

Unit 3, Ballyogan Business Park,

Ballyogan Road, Dublin 18.

Tel: 2921540

Jumpers/skirts bought from other suppliers other than our official supplier may vary in shade and if so will not be acceptable. All jumpers must be of the same shade of grey.


(1)     If there are medical reasons (Medical Cert required) to wear soft shoes, they must be black in colour.

(2)     Students who are not in school uniform will be required to wear school supplied items of uniform or may ring home to have the correct uniform brought in.

(3)     Jewellery

  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings or any other facial jewellery.
  • Girls are permitted to wear one small stud earring per ear, which must be worn in the ear lobe. Other styles of earrings e.g., big hoops or long earrings are not permitted for health and safety reasons.
  • Jewellery/Piercings on the face or in the tongue are not permitted.
  • Necklaces must not be worn.

(4)     Make-Up

  • Junior girls are not permitted to wear make up.
  • Senior girls are permitted to wear light, natural make up. No heavy eyeliner.
  • Fake tan must not be worn to school.
  • False eyelashes must not be worn to school as these pose a health and safety risk.

(5)     Nails

  • Clear nail varnish is permitted. No other colours may be worn.
  • False nails are strictly prohibited as they pose a health and safety risk. Students will be asked to remove them. If unable to do so, e.g., they will be sent home until such time a they are removed.

(6)     Skirts

  • The skirt is an integral part of the uniform for girls.
  • Girls are not permitted to wear trousers in place of the skirt.
  • Skirts should be worn below the knees.

(7)     Personal multi-media devices including MP3 players, IPod’s etc. and mobile phones may be brought to school but should not be in operation on route as they can present a problem to motorists, cyclists and other road users. Such devices should be powered off and out of sight during while on the school premises (including before and after class and during break times).

Parents and students are encouraged to read the school’s mobile phone policy carefully. This policy is available for download from the school website at www.woodbrookcollege.ie.

Alternatively hard copies are available from the school on request.

(8)     Hair should be neat and be of one natural colour. No extreme hairstyles are permitted.

Your co-operation in the matter of school uniform is requested. Parents should ensure that students are in full uniform when they leave home. This will help pupils to identify with their school and with their fellow pupils.

Students who are not in accordance with these rules will be asked to remove the relevant item or sent home. Final discretion rests with school management.