As part of a new initiative, and in line with increased class numbers, we are going to trial the change of class groups to four distinct identifiable groups across all class groups.

Considering the location of the school we have chosen the use of rivers that rise in Wicklow. The names are Dargle, Vartry, Slaney and Avoca. The small table below gives an overview of what is being proposed.

As you can see there is no reference to 4th year. This is because base class groups will be mixed during TY and an alternative system of selecting the names of the three class groups based on events that TY’s are involved in. An example of this may be naming the class groups after characters in the show being produced that year or after an event that is notable such as an Olympic year. Whatever the nature of the inspiration, the students, in conjunction with their Year Head and Tutors, will be involved in the creation of these names every year.