In consultation with the Parent of Woodbrook College we have listened to your request and have introduced a single charge for the year. While we have indicated this in previous correspondence it is important that we send it one more time so that you can prepare for the start of the new year.

An overview of what is included is below. While this is not an exhaustive list and can change, from time to time, it is a representation of what is included in the single charge for student registration. This should mean, with the exception of special tours, it is the only time we seek a contribution towards the education of your son or daughter and it will allow you to plan for the years to come.

In real terms if your son or daughter stays with Woodbrook College for six years the cost of education with the exception of books and uniforms will be €0.63 per day and including books and uniforms approximately €1 per day.

If you, as a family, are having difficulties in the current climate can I remind you that we may be able to support the purchase of books and uniforms for 1st and TY/ 5th years. An application form will be available on our website next week or in hard copy from the school during the remainder of June or during the first few weeks of August.

 Student registration charges

*after school study is available for the 3rd, 5th and 6th. It is not compulsory but is free to those who wish to avail of it. Please note that the student availing of this service will be expected to comply with the guidelines outlined in our school policies. Failure to do so will unfortunately result in the student being excluded from this support. A log will be maintained, by the College, of attendance and the student is expected to remain for the full two hour session.

Parent contribution

This is a family contribution to the running of the school and will be €150, per family for 2020-21

Methods of payment: As money can be in tight supply at particular times of the year we offer as many options to pay these costs as is possible. The main ones are outlines below.

  • WayToPay
  • Cash
  • Direct debit
  • Single payment
  • Bank transfer

Please note: the total cost per family can be paid over 12 months or in instalments as required. Unfortunately as we are charging only for what is directly offered to your son or daughter we will not be able to give a reduction in the student registration charges.