By Gabrijel Ivankovic

Even though this school year is one of the strangest in recent memory, our TY class still gets to participate in fun events. For example, at the start of the school year our class got to do drumming. Other classes were involved in ‘History and Heritage’ and ‘An act of kindness’. Each class spends ten weeks with each of the three modules. After drumming, we had a  public speaking class about happiness. We are six weeks in and I am sure that we are going to do a lot of more interesting classes for the coming weeks!

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Also, we are able to go on a trip to Carlingford Adventure Centre in Co. Louth. The trip was supposed to take place in November, but it was moved to April. I hope the trip wont be cancelled because we are really excited about it! 

I am really happy that events like these can go on because I don’t want this TY year to lose out on doing and seeing fun things because of Covid-19.