Download the Green Schools Spring Newsletter here

We began work on our THIRD Green Flag in September 2017 and so far things have being going very well. We are hopeful that our third flag will be awarded this year but we must keep up the hard work! We have done the following:
Designed & Installed signs reminding people to save water
Conducted a Water Usage Survey
Held an Leak Audit
Did a Temperature Survey
Appointed monitors to ensure taps & lights etc. are being turned off when not in use.
Held a World Water Day in 2017
Conducted an Water Awareness Survey among 1st Yr. students & Parents
We have produced our Water Code.
We had a Biodiversity Workshop with Dale Treadwell and constructed a bug motel.
We have attended a screening of An Inconvenient Sequel with TY to learn more about Climate Change on a global scale.
We welcomed the Bin It Roadshow.
And in October we had our renewal visit form Dean Eaton of DLRCoCo
We had 3 students appointed as National Water Ambassadors Eduard, Daniel and Adam

The Green Committee have great plans in the next few months if you would like to get involved with the Green Committee at any time please contact Ms. Hand.