Senior Cycle Curriculum

At Woodbrook College our students are stimulated by their educational surroundings to become confident, independent learners. We offer a wide-ranging and balanced curriculum, preparing our students for life in the 21st Century.

Our teachers are highly committed and dedicated.  They work closely in a spirit of collaboration, striving for excellence, supporting each student to fulfil their potential. All of our staff endeavour to support this continuously evolving, learning environment. We strive to create a broad educational experience which enables our students to become capable, self-assured, happy young adults.

This is an exciting time in education. We have a clear vision of the environment we are creating. Our students are always at the core of our plans.


Learning together for a better future.


We offer our students a wide range of subjects at Leaving Certificate level. All students will study their three core subjects: English, Irish, and Maths. In addition to this, students will choose four option subjects. The optional subjects on offer are:

Accounting German
Art History
Biology Home Economics
Business Music
Chemistry Physics
Construction Leaving Certificate Physical Education (LCPE)
Design & Communication Graphics (DCG) Leaving Certificate Vocational Education (LCVP)
Economics Religious Education (R.E.)
French Spanish


Please see the Leaving Certificate subject booklet for more detail regarding outline of individual subjects.