Write a Poem Competition

‘’Eldhose wrote a very clever poem titled ‘Before the Storm’. His use of enjambment, word choice and overall message add to the enjoyment of this poem. He is clearly a very talented writer and I wish him all the luck in the future- Well done Eldhose!’’ – Ms Doyle.

Before the Storm

Eldhose Alias


Sure it’s all a hoax anyway.

All this global warming business.


A conspiracy by the elite few

Dead set on destroying jobs.


That’s what they are- Elite-

Or so they think. But we can smell


The BS a mile away. Apparently, my fridge

Is going to ‘deplete the ozone layer’’


And kill us all with them UV rays.

Seen Sci- Fi movies with better plots.


Imagine the headlines on the tabloids:

‘Man Stabs Earth Bleeding With Fridge.’


Better yet, think of all the songs that’ll be written:

‘Fridge Killed the Ozone Laya…’


Can’t wait

For the bloody thing to happen already.