Reflections in Practice

Reflections in Practice “An Average Problem”


A team of teachers from Woodbrook College, Loretto Bray and Templecarrig worked together as part of the Reflections in Practice initiative developed by the Project Maths Team. The group met over a series of evenings to design, plan and then finally teach a lesson on Statistics.

The teaching methodology for this lesson was based on the Japanese Methodology for teaching through Problem Solving. The lesson was taught to the DeValera class (2nd Year). The students were fantastic participants. They engaged fully and contributed in an extremely positive way to creating an excellent learning environment.


The lesson was taught by Ms. Dwane in Woodbrook College while the team observed the student’s work. The plan attracted interest from the Project Maths team and they sent representatives to the school to observe the lesson.


The Topic chosen for the lesson was Measures of Center which is part of the Statistics section of the Junior Cert Maths syllabus. It focused on using problem led enquiry to promote student centered learning and to develop resilience in work and encourage lateral thinking. This method of teaching also uses visual aids and student presentation encouraging students to take ownership and pride in their work.


The lesson went very well and Ms. Dwane has been invited to present a Workshop at the Maths Counts Conference in March 2017 to showcase the lesson.