By Kyle Cox Moloney and Layla Byrne Murray.

As you may know, Sports Day in Woodbrook College happens every year, but this year is like no other. Sports day took place on Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th  of May. Students were split up into their year groups to compete against each other. In line with Covid 19 restrictions, students competed against each other at different times over the two days (see schedule below!)

Sports Day is one of the most exciting events of the year in Woodbrook College. It helps us keep healthy and active, we were relieved to hear it could run this year! This type of sports day will lower the risk of people contracting Covid 19.

The sports/games that will be played at Woodbrook Sports Day 2021 are: 200m Sprint, wheelie race, Tug Of war, Relay Race, Slow bike race, Football/basketball, 800m sprint, 1500m sprint, high jump, soft ball, 60m sprint, cross bar challenge, novelty races, hang tough, Free-throw challenge and dodgeball.

Mr. Cullen stated that “… sports day is an important event in a school’s calendar and I find that the majority of students and staff look forward to it. I believe that most students and staff enjoy the day as it gives us an opportunity to socialize and be physically active as well as offering variety to learn in a fun, relaxed and safe environment outside of the traditional classroom. Due to these reasons the PE department think it is important that it needs to continue in an adapted format this year despite the pandemic.” Ms. Synnott had a similar outlook on the different day ‘I think if each year group make the most of their triple period it will be as enjoyable as any other year. However, it might lack the atmosphere as there will be less numbers around. As regards to covid 19 restrictions, one-year group will enjoy sports day over a triple period, to avoid to many people in one space at one time. The events chosen are non-contact sports so students can be distanced. All youth training has returned to clubs now so we are following their guidelines for the matches at the end of the day’   No need to fear, sports day is here!

Ellen King Keane in third year said that“My favorite out of all was the sack race because it was fun doing it with my friends” but she “would rather be with all year groups doing sports day, but this is ok’’. I also asked her if you could change one thing about Sports day, what would it be? She replied, “I would make it longer and add more activities.” The one thing she did enjoy about the day was that it was student led!  

Sports Day 2021 sure was different but different doesn’t always mean bad! From Mr. Cullen, Ms. Synnott and Ellen’s responses, it is clear that Sports Day 2021 was a real hit! Roll on next year…