Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council gives all students a say in how their school is run and allows them to impact the decisions that directly affect them such as resources, uniform, break times, rules, regulations and initiatives.

Each student is involved in the democratic process of electing a representative from their class groups who they believe will best represent them at council meetings.

It is a real honour to be selected and it shows that your peers regard you in high-esteem. This group have continued the great tradition of highly conscientious and active council members.

They are a credit to the students they represent and their families who must be proud of their input into school life.

Meeting in progress

Left to Right:


Finn Richardson, Ben Jones, Konrad Bzdyra, Ben Kelly, Lorcan Pamukcu and Patryk Ostapczuk.


Cian Larkin, Finn O’Neill, Katie Howlett, Sravan Saseendra, Dominik Bessler, Ethan Larkin, Robert Munro, Daniel Corrigan, DJ Drohan, Adam Bush, James Ero and Casey Crinion.