On Thursday, October 15th, to mark International White Cane Day, we were delighted to welcome Stuart Lawler as Transition Year guest speaker. Stuart, business development manager, Sight and Sound Technology and former chief technology officer, NCBI, talked with students about his own experiences with blindness. He discussed the importance of Braille and the new internet technologies that can make such a huge difference to people with sight loss. He answered a question from how he decides what clothes to wear or cooks each day, “watching” netflix using audio-description, to chosing a meal in a restaurant. Stuart later shared how he learnt to ride a bike (bumping into many walls!) and what it’s like to enter a job interview carrying a white cane. But most of all, Stuart’s talk challenged all of us to really think about the label of “disability” and to open our eyes to the huge abilities everyone has if we only take the time to look properly!