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PEXpo 2020
PEXpo 2020
Well done to all the students that submitted and presented projects at PE Xpo 2020 in Dublin City University on March 3rd. All students equipped themselves excellently when presenting to the judges that assessed their projects. In particular, congratulations to Abhirami Santhoshkumar, Ruby Roche and Michelle Dolores who won the overall junior section (1st – 3rd year) with their project titled; ‘Mixed v single sex PE lessons. Does participation change?’
Fun Run 2019
Fun Run 2019
In spite of the wet weather, the 2019 Fun Run took place on Friday October 25th. For the first time in its existence the venue was changed from Shanganagh Park to the school campus due to the poor wet weather. The students involved in the organisation were excellent when asked to adapt to the contingency of staging the run on the schools grounds at short notice. Well done to all involved on reacting so well to the change of venue. Even though the weather was poor, student enthusiasm and participation was high. This was reflected by the €1250 fundraised from the €5 entry fee to take part. The funds raised were donated to the four different charity partners; Irish Aid, Vision Sports Ireland, Irish Wheelchair Association and Christmas Hamper appeal. Well done to all those bravely participated in spite of the poor weather and their generous donations. For the students that were keen to compete, there three races within the Fun Run; senior boys’, girls’ and junior boys’. Congratulations to Conor Murphy on winning the senior boys’ race, Eve O’Brien on winning the girls’ race and Nathan O’Shea on winning the junior boys’ race. The whole school community look forward to the 2020 edition of the Fun Run and wish for improved weather conditions so it can return to the Shanganagh Park venue.
Endeavour Awards
Endeavour Awards
The Endeavour Awards are awards given out to people who make a positive contribution to their community over the past 12 months. The awards recognize what people have achieved, or an area that they have excelled in. Bray & District Chamber of Commerce has been presenting these awards every year for almost 40 years, since 1981.

Pieta Amber Flag

Pieta Amber Flag  - Woodbrook College by Benson Lin

The Amber Flag is an organisation to promote positive mental health, by reaching out to Primary and Secondary schools, youth reach, third level institution, community groups and companies to create healthy, inclusive environments that support mental well-being.  The Pieta Amber Flag enables school and youths across the country to promote positive mental health, and till this day over 700 flags have been awarded. 

There is an Amber Flag team in Woodbrook College; it was set up in order to educate others about positive wellbeing. In the past, they organised different events such as Fun Friday and Mental Health Week.  This year, Ms. Cluskey and Ms. Troy, have been doing a lot to achieve positive well-being within our school such as to setting up the SMILE club in the school. 

I contacted Ms. Cluskey in relation to her involvement with the flag. I asked her what the amber flag means to the school and to her, she responded with “The amber flag symbolises the fact that the mental health of our students here in Woodbrook College is of upmost importance. It helps us create a better environment in our school community where everyone feels happy and makes school a positive place to be. It also recognises the importance of Pieta House - this links in with our current fundraiser; A cycle for suicide challenge where students have to cycle / walk/ run 42km and donate to Pieta house. Also, Ms Troy and I set up the Smile Club; we have regular meetings for all members. So far we have organised a fundraiser tuc shop, created a notice board centred on wellbeing, created a video to acknowledge the dedicated staff here in Woodbrook College and recently designed positive quotes and stuck them on each desk for the first year Christmas exams. Small little gestures like this can really play a role in helping to lift people’s spirits and improve their mental health’’.  

 As you can see, Ms Cluskey and Ms Troy have been doing a lot in order to promote positive mental health around the school. Although we are limited to what we can do nowadays (the COVID 19 world), together with the school, we continue to work together to achieve better mental health. As Ms. Cluskey says ‘’it means that students know they are cared for and valued and that we strive to make school a positive experience and happy place to be!”  

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