Dear parent/guardian,
It is an uncertain time for all families and communities, currently, and unfortunately Woodbrook College is no different.
In communication previously, it was intended to hold the transition tests on the 30th of January but with the current restrictions, this will not be possible. We are now preposing a date of Saturday 6th March and if we are still in lockdown and it is not possible a later date of March 20th. Please rest assured that we will ensure that your son/daughter gets the same start in Woodbrook College as any other year.
We will be making some minor changes to the School Dress Code Policy and a copy of this policy will be sent to you towards the end of the current academic year, along with a few key policies that you will need to be aware of.
Could be ask that if you have not completed the request for additional information could you to make it a priority over the coming days as this information is vital to the planning that is required for next year.
The final element of this letter is to let you know the current Student Registration charge is €195 per year for the first three years. This can be paid by standing order, in installments or as one lump sum. We would also like to remind you that we have some support available to those who may be facing financial hardship at this time. Additional information can be obtained from
We look forward to meeting you and your families in person and welcome you into the Woodbrook College community.
Henry Hurley