We are a Christian Brother school and have commitment to social justice and to helping others in our community. We organise an annual fun run in Shanganagh Park with the cooperation of the DLRCC to raise funds and build awareness of our connection with all people.
This year we raised €1,500 with the help of the parents, students and staff…this is a huge achievement for such a small school and each member of the community should be extremely proud of their efforts.
The charities and clubs we will be helping this year are the Fr. Peter McVerry Trust which addresses homelessness in Ireland and does incredible work as we approach a cold winter period; the Fields for Life program in Crinken Glen Church which builds wells for our neighbours in Uganda and which has a goal of 1,000 wells by 2019; and finally…the archery club run on our school premises by Sean Butler which brings a great amount of enthusiasm from the students who love it…we shall donate a new bow for the club to use in educating these students from all across Bray.