Woodbrook College Presents the ‘Green School Travel Flag’ By Serena Zheng    

Green schools is an environmental management and educational programme for primary and secondary schools in Ireland. It encourages young people to engage and take part in protecting the environment.   The programme is coordinated by An Taisce.

Here in Woodbrook College we take part in Green Schools . The members meet every second Monday at lunch time, they also use Microsoft TEAMS to stay in touch. The Green Schools Committee are working on the two-year travel flag. It is all about travelling sustainably such as walking or cycling to school.

This year, so far, we conducted a survey whereby the members went around to each class asking for responses. Examples of questions were “how do you travel to school?” and ” how long does it take you to travel to school?”. After we conducted the survey, we counted up the responses and presented it on graphs.

During the week of 23rd to 27th of November, the Green School Committee participated in ‘Clean Air Week’ whereby we encouraged all students to walk or cycle to school to reduce their carbon footprint. Our slogan is “Don’t travel with CO2, travel like Green Schools do!”

Ms. Doyle is passionate about preserving the environment and has ran the Green Schools Committee in Woodbrook for the past 3 years. She said that “As a Geography teacher, I am passionate about a sustainable future for our children.” When being asked if she thinks the Committee is making a difference in Woodbrook College, she replied “yes, they are making a difference, the committee are very enthusiastic and I am so lucky to be working with such a great group of students this year.”

We are looking forward to many of the upcoming activities for the 2020-2021 academic year that are centered around sustainable methods of transport to school! Watch this space…