By Lidia Cojocaru and Anna Krupinska

What are the endeavour awards?

The Endeavor Awards are awards given out to people who make a positive contribution to their community over the past 12 months. The awards recognize what people have achieved, or an area that they have excelled in. Bray & District Chamber of Commerce has been presenting these awards every year for almost 40 years, since 1981.

This year, the Bray & District Chamber of Commerce has received its largest-ever number of nominations for the Endeavor awards; all from across the local community.  Nominations were made following a public campaign, during which the people of Bray were invited to nominate their civic, cultural, community and commercial heroes; these nominations came in huge numbers by email, facebook, online, and post.

The categories for these nominations are; Large Business of the year, Small Business of the year, Customer Service person of the year, Retailer of the year, Online business of the year, Hospitality of the year, Emerging Business, Social Media, Young Achievers award. Community awards include Bray Person of the year, Lifetime achievement, Community award and Civic Award.

Young Achievers Award

Our school, Woodbrook College, has been nominated to receive a Young Achievers Award; the PE Expo Award. This award is presented to someone under 21 years of age who has achieved something remarkable (in sports, academics, or arts). The committee looked at the details of the project and decided that our school should be a winner out of all the Young Achievers that were nominated.

The committee comprises of a team of PR people, Media people, event management personal and local business people, who all have different roles in dealing with the launch of the event.

The Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, Sarah Finnegan, the Event Manager, Karl Kelly, and a Sponsor, Darragh, had come to our school to present the award to the winners of this years PE Expo. They were extremely impressed by the sheer amount of work and effort put into this project.


The PE Expo itself is a competitive, sports specific research project, which can cover psychology, training methods, and wellbeing too. The aim of this project is to get more people interested in sport and physical activity.

The students that took part in the PE Expo this year are Ruby, Abby, and Michelle, from 3rd year. They spent 2 hours every Wednesday afternoon working on this project, and they enjoyed it too.

They made a project named ‘Mixed vs Single Sex PE Lessons’, and what they basically did was survey a large number of students on whether they’d prefer Mixed Sex PE Lessons, or Single Sex PE Lessons. It turned out that boys would prefer mixed sex PE lessons, when girls would prefer single sex PE lessons. This project took 2-3 months due to the sheer number of surveys that they had to give out and count afterwards.

Woodbrook is incredibly proud of Ruby, Abby, and Michelle for winning this competition. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to get it done, and now they’ve won an amazing award which recognizes the amount of effort that they’ve put into this. We wish them the best of luck in the future!