St Brendan’s to Woodbrook College
Woodbrook College, formerly St. Brendan’s, is a voluntary Co-ed secondary school. It was founded by the Irish Christian Brothers in 1956 but is now managed by a Board of Management and along with all the other Christian Brothers Schools (CBS), is part of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST).
The main object of the Trust is to ensure and foster the advancement of education and to further the aims and purposes of Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition. The educational approach in Woodbrook College, mirrors that of all the schools in the trust, and can be expressed in the following five key elements:
• Nurturing faith, Christian spirituality, and Gospel-based values
• Promoting Partnership
• Excelling in teaching and learning
• Creating a caring school community
• Inspiring transformational leadership

A brief history
As previously stated, founded in 1956, St. Brendan’s opened its doors to 46 students in a building known as Walcot House (formerly The Walcot Hotel) located on Old Connaught Avenue. This was the first of three buildings serving the educational needs of the Little Bray community under its first Principal Brother J.C. O ‘Flynn. Over the course of the next 14 years the school would grow beyond its capacity, and a purpose-built school was approved and completed in December 1970.

With the new building came a change of location from Old Connaught Avenue to the Dublin Road and St Brendan’s would increase its capacity to cater for 300 students. The school has seen many changes over the years including the retirement of the last Christian Brother and Principal, Br. E.M. Tallon in 1990. Like many other former CBS schools they went on to employ a lay Principal. The direction of the school was changing in line with the needs of the community. The result of which was a fundamental change in vision.

In 2016 Woodbrook College was born as a Co-ed school catering for 425 pupils. With an ever-increasing demand for places, Woodbrook College was granted new accommodation, due to be completed in the coming years which will bring the student population to 750 students. The facilities granted include the establishment of two classes for individuals with Autism.

This short history is just a sample of how exceptionally dynamic this school has become and the greater role it has in the wider community of North Wicklow and South Dublin. Our story is far from complete.