New Junior Cycle

Student Leadership

At Woodbrook College, student participation is at the core of our student leadership programme. Student voice and activism is encouraged through the ample student leadership opportunities we offer. Students are encouraged to practice a range of leadership skills in a supportive, learning, and social environment.

Student leaders in Woodbrook College are responsible, organised, hardworking and caring representatives of, and advocating for, the student body. They actively demonstrate and encourage involvement in creating a positive whole school community.

Head Students

Head Students are responsible for leading the elected school Prefects, hosting school events, representing the school at public events, chairing the student council, organizing the mentoring programme, and assisting staff members. Head Students in Woodbrook College play a crucial role in ensuring that the RICH ethos of the school carries across to all areas of school life.

Head Students
Head Boy Cole Bateson
Head Girl Abigail Byrne
Deputy Head Boy David Nervez
Deputy Head Girl Niamh Tapley


The Prefect system in Woodbrook College is made up of nine senior prefects. Prefects play a vital part in the running of Woodbrook College, assisting and supporting both staff and pupils. The role of a Prefect falls into three main categories:

  1. Helping/assisting staff
  2. Supporting younger pupils
  3. Organising events

Qualifications and experience

  • Academic record should be above average
  • Behavioural record must be exemplary, including attendance record

Personal skills and aptitudes

  • Leadership skills
  • The ability to work well in a team
  • Organisational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Maturity
  • Responsible
  • Reliable
  • Punctual, polite and honest
  • Ability to talk confidently and appropriately to staff, students, and parents
  • Pride in Woodbrook College
  • Live the R.I.C.H culture
Senior Prefects
Cole Bateson Ella Redmond Eva Fox
Abigail Byrne Saskia Cepillo Harigovind Vinodkumar
David Nervez Robert Munro Conor Martin
Niamh Tapley Reece Gray Alexander Kliszcz
Ruby Roche Michelle Dolores Abin Joby
Adam O’Toole Chad Phillips Molly Owens

Student Council

The Student Council in Woodbrook College is a democratic and effective representative body within our school community. It provides a collective voice for our students and represents them as stakeholders in their education. There is one representative per class, assigned roles and shared responsibilities. All Student Council Representatives are fully trained with ISSU (Irish Second level Students Union).

Class Representatives

Class Representatives
1st year Avoca C.J Obanya
1st year Dodder Jasmin Lily Coogan Moorhouse
1st year Glencree Alexia Ungureanu
1st year Liffey Niamh Smith
1st year Vartry Eoghan Clifford
2nd year Avoca Joe Tapley
2nd year Dodder Molly Weafer
2nd year Glencree Isabel O’Connor
2nd year Liffey Ellie Rose O’Brien
2nd year Vartry Noah Fogarty
3rd year Avoca Cain Mulligan
3rd year Dodder Khrystyna Nasrallah
3rd year Glencree Luke Kelly
3rd year Vartry Arina Lungu
TY1 Max Roche
TY2 Jason Tamayo
TY3 Kayleigh Aranas
5th year Avoca Malachi Blunden
5th year Dodder Emma Louise Kenny
5th year Vartry Aisling Tapley
6th year Avoca Lexi Cummins
6th year Dodder Samuel Oni
6th year Vartry Ruby Roche
6th year Slaney Eva Fox


  • Attending all meetings of the student council
    • Voting on any issues that may arise in meetings of the student council
    • Making proposals on behalf of the students they represent to the student council
    • Actively representing the interests of their peers
    • Reporting to the students which they represent on any updates or events from the student council.

Student- Leadership Accredited Programmes

Woodbrook College offers students an array of student leadership programmes which encourage and empower our young students. These programmes develop skills which can be transferred to both school and community life.

Green School programme Ms. Doyle
Global Goals programme Ms. Hand
Creative Schools Ms. Shiely
An Gaisce Ms. Kilfeather
Young Social Innovators Mr. Coady
Foroige Leadership Programme Ms. O Neill
Model United Nations Mr. O Donnell
Gaelbhratach (Irish Flag) Mr. Dwyer
DCU Early University Entrance Programme Ms. Hand

Junior Cycle Information Sheet – October 2023

Short Introduction to the New Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement:

Our students have begun a new learning journey that will change the way they learn at the junior cycle stage of their schooling and into the future.

For the junior cycle student, the New Junior Cycle (Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement) will mean that the curriculum available in their schools can or will be a mix of subjects and short courses and other learning experiences.

For a small group of students with special educational needs, priority learning units (PLUs) will be provided.

JCPA – Key Skills:

Key skills help learners develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to face the many challenges in today’s world. They also support students in learning how to learn and to take responsibility for their own learning.

JCPA – Key Skills Teaching Toolkits:

• Managing Information and Thinking
• Managing Myself
• Working with others
• Communicating
• Being creative
• Staying safe

JCPA – Assessment

The new framework will see your children be assessed in a much wider variety of ways and not just with a major exam at the end of three years. This is an exciting opportunity for them to showcase all their learning and be shown how to improve on their learning at regular intervals.

Assessment in education is about gathering, interpreting and using information about the processes and outcomes of learning. It takes different forms and can be used in a variety of ways, such as to test and certify achievement, to determine the appropriate route for students to take through a differentiated curriculum or to identify specific areas of difficulty (or strength) for a given student. Assessment in the new junior cycle will be linked, on an everyday basis, into the learning taking place.

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