Anna Krupinska (TY student)

During ‘Climate Action Week’ students watched “2040”, a movie directed by Damon Gameau that talks about how we can tackle climate change, social injustice and agricultural problems. Damon Gameau is an Australian actor, film maker and activist who created this movie to show the young generation how climate change and other relevant problems affect us and how every little action can benefit us all. 

2040 (2019) - IMDb

The movie is set in 2019 and flips from present time into what our future might look like in 2040. This was a very interesting method to use because it is very optimistic and appealing to young viewers. The movie stars Damon himself, Zoe tucker-smith as his wife and their 4-year-old daughter, Velvet, it shows her as a little girl but also her when she is older and what her future might look like if we try to fix the problems we have created in recent times. 

The movies focus is on climate change and social injustices and how it affects our world, it touches on many problems we face today with climate change such as the over use of fossil fuels and the burning of CO2 and how it is over warming our planet, it then shows how we can fix this problem for example start using electrical cars or just something as simple as using public transport. 

The movie informs us on many other problems such as poverty and lack of education in many countries, too much acid in the sea which is killing off marine life and the over use of soil. 

The reason why you should watch this movie is because it not only talks about our problems on earth but it shows us a resolution to them and how one small action such as eating less red meat can really benefit the people living on earth now but also the future generations of the world. I would award this film four stars, it is a MUST watch!

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