Here at Woodbrook College we are working on getting our third Green Flag. The theme of this flag is Water. We have great plans set for the near future for achieving this Green Flag, these include sending classes to film screenings to raise awareness, participating in competitions such as the ‘One Good Idea’ competition and having the Green Committee and a few classes go to a Climate Workshop to further educate our school community on important environmental issues. There will be many experiments being carried out from checking the bins are being used correctly to lowering the temperature to a reasonable heat, as well as making sure appliances are not left on standby. We will be making sure there are enough bins and checking toilets for leaks and much more!
We have already checked the cost of water we have used in school for the last two years and we are keen to try to cut this bill further. We intend to send a group out to check for leaks and other groups to make sure everyone is using the necessary water and not wasting any.
We would welcome parental involvement so if you work in the area of recycling, water conservation or are just interested in environmental issues please feel free to contact Ms Hand at the school. We wold love parents to come in and share their expertise by giving a talk or leading a trip or holding an event to raise awareness on any environmental issue. We hope everyone can work together and get our third green flag for the school in 2018.

– The Green Committee