Welcome to Woodbrook College Parents’ Council.
Who are we?
The Woodbrook Parents Council is a volunteer group made up of parents and guardians of students attending Woodbrook College. Our purpose is to:
• Promote the active involvement of parents and guardians of students attending Woodbrook College in the day-to-day running of the school
• Act as a voice for parents, guardians and students and advocate their interests on education and school related matters
• Provide a forum for parents, guardians and students to raise questions, express opinions and exchange relevant information
• Foster and enhance the school’s relationship with parents, guardians and students through regular social events
• Assist in raising funds in support of the school
• Offer input into school policies and support the school management and teaching staff

What we do:
The Parents’ Council meets monthly during the school year. Meetings are attended by the School Principal and typically involve exchange of information relating to school matters in addition to planning the various social events, fundraising activities and educational talks that we organise throughout the year.

We need your support!
Woodbrook Parents Council invites all parents and guardians to become involved by joining the Council and/or by helping with some of the social events and fundraising activities we organise throughout the year.
This is your Parents’ Council, so any assistance you can offer, no matter how small, is most welcome and will be a valuable contribution to your son’s or daughter’s development at Woodbrook College.
If you would like to join us and/or help out with any of our events throughout the year, please email [email protected] or alternatively please telephone the school at 01-2822317/01-2822100 to register your interest. We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our upcoming events!


To join the Parents’ Council:
All parents and guardians of pupils at Woodbrook College are actively encouraged to join the Parents’ Council. You can join us by simply: completing the Woodbrook College Parents volunteer form, issued with the annual school registration pack, sending an email to [email protected] with your contact details or by telephoning the school directly to register your interest at 01-2822317/01-2822100.

To contact the Parents’ Council:
All parents and guardians of pupils at Woodbrook College are invited to contact the Parents’ Council at any time, for example to: raise concerns or topics for discussion, suggest ideas for improvement and/or to get involved with our activities.
You can contact us directly via email at [email protected] or via the school by telephoning 01-2822317/01-2822100.
Please note that the Parents’ Council cannot deal with queries or issues of an individual nature. Such matters should be dealt with through the normal channels offered by Woodbrook College; i.e. by contacting the Year Head of the pupil or through appointment with the Principal, as appropriate.

Useful links:
The following websites may be helpful as additional sources of information for parents and guardians. Please feel free to send on details of other resources you have found helpful, so we can add to our list.

National Parents Council (Post Primary)

Federation of Catholic Secondary Schools Parent Associations

Department of Education and Skills


Useful educational resource for teachers, parents and students


Helpful educational resource for parents